Connor Beatty Charging Nor Cal

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Seems like only weeks ago that he was a shop wonder-grom. Bright-eyed, eager, best attitude in the world, but always day dreaming about surf. Now he’s a college freshman super charger taking on triple overhead bombs at some mysto – not to be named – spot in Nor Cal. The story goes – he and [...]

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burn PRESENTS: We Ride – The Story of Snowboarding

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As with all great ventures — personal computers, a certain American footwear brand, punk rock music — snowboarding started in a garage. From that point in 1965, the sport has immensely grown in popularity to become a mainstream phenomenon. burn teamed up with Grain Media to produce a documentary on the matter, entitled We Ride: The Story of [...]

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Red Bull Ultra Natural

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VIDEO: Red Bull Ultra Natural – Best Action By Redbull.com Team on 21 February 2013 in Snowboarding All the best action from Travis Rice’s signature freeriding event from Baldface Mountain, BC. Sixteen of the world’s best snowboarders converged on the run known as “Scary Cherry” at Baldface Lodge, fighting deteriorating weather as the day went [...]

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21Days: Parko/Fanning, Episode One

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21Days: Parko/Fanning, Episode One By RedBull.com Team on 14 February 2013 in Surfing Ep. one of 21Days tells the story of Mick and Joel heading into 2013′s first event at Snapper Rocks. The first world tour event of 2013, the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast, is just about to fire up. And while Mick Fanning and [...]

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World Class Surf at the Top of the Chain

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This spot is easily seen from the road and access is a piece of cake.  It is across a bay from a famous, world class right hand reef . Unlike that spot, it might have only 5-10 people out instead of 30-50.  It is heavier than it looks (and bigger).  The wind is not always [...]

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Kauai Surf Out of the Ordinary – Knowing “When” to Go is What Matters…

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Kauai, the Garden Island, home to surfing gems such as Hanalei Bay, has its share of lesser-known breaks that are equally fun.  We’re not talking “secret spots” here.  We’re talking about those breaks that are clearly marked on all the tourist road maps.  The problem is not WHERE to go, but knowing WHEN to go.  [...]

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