Mainland Mexico Can Be Fun, Not Always Heavy…

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“Mainland Mex” conjures up images of heaving barrels at Puerto Escondido, “unnamed heavy beach breaks” (aka Pascuales), broken boards, and long hold downs.  But is it really always that heavy?  Not at all!  Take a look at this photo–doesn’t it look fun? That’s because it is.  This is La Ticla, located in the state of [...]

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Hurley Customization Event This Friday @ PCH!

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Don’t miss out! Knock out some Holiday shopping and get hooked up while you’re at it!!

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South Bay Boardriders Comp # 1 Goes Off at Hermosa Pier!

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Thanks to everyone who helped make the event great! Check out some photos below by Ken Pagliaro.  See you at Event # 2!

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California Freakin’ : Dane Zaun Blows Up

Posted on 05 Dec 2012 in Travel | 0 comments

Last weeks’ string of swells produced quality surf up and down Southern California. From reefs to new sand bars, everyone got their share.  Spyder team rider Dane Zaun was up to the task and his air antics were covered by many. Special thanks to surf photographer Peter Dive for this crisp sequence: ____________________________________________________________ Scott Valor [...]

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Great White Sharks in Santa Monica Bay? Oh Yeah…

Posted on 31 Oct 2012 in Travel | 0 comments

So you laugh at the NorCal guys, huh?  “Wouldn’t surf up there, too sharky man!”  Well, they’re here and have been longer than you have.  No, really. Don’t even think about quitting surfing, cuz they aren’t out there to eat you.  Fact is, Southern California is a birthing area for great whites, so there are [...]

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Rip Curl 2012 Wetsuits In Stock Now!

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Watch the Video, and Shop Rip Curl Wetsuits Here! Watch the Video, and Shop Rip Curl Wetsuits Here!

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