Reef 2012 Holiday Collection

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Check out this video from Reef, and shop their gear here!

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Spyder and TOMS Shoes to Screen NORTH SHORE 10/4/12!

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Kelly Slater Makes It 50! Wins Hurley Pro 2012…

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Kelly Slater claimed his 50th World Championship Title by beating Parko at in clean Lowers a-frames at the 2012 Hurley Pro. Enjoy these highlight photos by South Bay local (and Australian transplant) surf photographer Peter Dive:  

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Try This “Surf” Trip for You & Your Non-Surfing Partner

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This is Veracruz on Mexico’s eastern coast. Not known for its surf, there ARE waves, but also a lot of other things to explore, especially if you are into the eco-tour thing.  Leave the big city behind and say hello to exploring the wetlands, fishing, SUP, and the occasional wave out front–something for everyone, whether [...]

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Veracruz Surf – Yes There Are Waves on Mexico’s East Coast

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This should just tease you, because it’s not a surf destination.  But take a close look.  What you see is a rivermouth beach break on a typical small afternoon.  There is no one out and that is chest-high windswell on the sets.  And the water is 80 degrees. Now, if you are from the South [...]

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Safe Travel and Surf Are Waiting For You In Mexico. Go!

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Surfers go anywhere for waves.  They are the first to say yes and the last to back out of any trip outside the US, especially when epic waves and warm water call.  Lately, though, so many have decided not to go to or return to Mexico because it has been portrayed as dangerous in recent [...]

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