Kauai Surf Out of the Ordinary – Knowing “When” to Go is What Matters…

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Kauai, the Garden Island, home to surfing gems such as Hanalei Bay, has its share of lesser-known breaks that are equally fun.  We’re not talking “secret spots” here.  We’re talking about those breaks that are clearly marked on all the tourist road maps.  The problem is not WHERE to go, but knowing WHEN to go.  And that’s something you’ll have to learn for yourself.  It’s well worth the exploration, so go and score!

Kauai 5 for Spyder.com by BurningPier.com

Looks fun and playful, but the signs are there for a reason. As the Hawaii lifeguards say, “If in doubt, don’t go out!”

Kauai 1 for Spyder.com by BurningPier.com

This long stretch of beach is great for hanging out, fishing, four-wheeling, and of course surfing…

Kauai 4 for Spyder.com by BurningPier.com

The ancient lava peaks give this spot a Jurassic Park sort of backdrop

Kauai 2 for Spyder.com by BurningPier.com

Known in the winter for massive peaks, heavy rips, and big currents, you can catch fun days like this if you know the right swell and direction. But this one is still bigger than you think…

Kauai 3 for Spyder.com by BurningPier.com

Check the person at the bottom right for a little scale. That’s about an eight-foot face on a fast left hander. Water is 75 and no one is out…


Check out more Kauai and other Hawai’ian Island surf shots at BurningPier.com

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