World Class Surf at the Top of the Chain

Posted on 17 Feb 2013 in Travel | 0 comments

This spot is easily seen from the road and access is a piece of cake.  It is across a bay from a famous, world class right hand reef .

Big Wave at the Top of the Chain photo by Mike Aronesty for BurningPier.com

Bigger than you think. Less crowded than you’d think it should be…

Unlike that spot, it might have only 5-10 people out instead of 30-50.  It is heavier than it looks (and bigger).  The wind is not always friendly to it (but this day sure was on).  This spot is called…(haha go find out and surf it for yourself).

Big Surf Top of the Chain by Mike Aronesty for BurningPier.com

Known primarily as a left, this day shows you can also go right…


Photos by Mike Aronesty.  For more information on this spot and others nearby, check out BurningPier.com .

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